Drying herbs


Sommerholidays are up, and I’ve had time to try drying herbs from our garden for the first time. It was not a big projects, but I tried two different kinds, mint and sage. I tried to dry lavender last summer, in our basement. It is dry and dark, but I think it was a bit too cool, so this time I cleared out two drawers and placed mint in one and sage in the other.

IMG_2263First I washed them and laid them flat on a linen towel. I have no idea if this is the right thing to do, but I hope so. They looked so nice when I played them out, but now they have wrinkled themselves in every way imaginative. They are dry, but they don’t smell that much, so I am not sure about the result. Any ideas? 🙂


I have also tried to freeze some herbs, and I am very exited about using them.


On Reading

I love to read. And I can’t help myself, I always read several books at once. Not very compatible with the whole idea of slow living, perhaps, but at least I always try to read slow and mindful. If you are looking for something to read, but don’t know what, here are a few suggestions. (I have tried to limit myself to a few in each category). Continue reading “On Reading”

Plans for the garden


I thought I’d write a bit about our plans for our garden. We live in a terraced house from 1952 (or 1954, I don’t remember). We share a big garden with the three other units that our house is a part of. A tiny bit of that garden lies on the south side of the house. Our house is at the south end, so we get to use that tiny, steep piece of land (rocks) as our garden. No one has ever bothered trying to make something out of that place ever before. When we moved here it was filled with traced of the woods that had been cut down to make this neighbourhood in the 50s, small trees, wild blueberry bushes and heather. Continue reading “Plans for the garden”

Birds singing

Today I listened to the birds singing, and I saw the first butterfly I’ve seen this spring. It moved me. I felt connected deep in my soul. And I started wondering, if we speed up our life (or when, because it is a matter of time), will I at all be able to listen to the birds sing like that, or will I just hear them as random sounds around me?

A walk in the woods.


Today I went to the woods near our house to look for a place to bring my children for a day out. We’ve walked there several times, so it’s not that unfamiliar, but I wanted to find somewhere a bit more open and not too steep, so that the kids could walk around a little without me holding their hands all the time. Continue reading “A walk in the woods.”

Books I read and my reading list

I’ve always been one of those people who has to bring a book everywhere. I just love to read. I read lots of different book, both novels, poetry, documentary, lifestyle books, dictionaries and reference books (I know, I’m weird). One of my favourite norwegian books is called something like “In other words” directly translated, and it is a thesaurus. (I just like languages,…)  Right now I’m reading these books: Continue reading “Books I read and my reading list”